How to Change the Parent Consent Method (Email vs Scan & Attach)

Changing the method by which the parent can provide consent can be completed by either the College user, High School user, or Student user. This feature only exists if the College has indicated there is more than one way for the student to secure Parent Consent.  There are two methods that are frequently used; obtaining parental consent electronically via email and obtaining parent consent by scanning and attaching a copy of a physical parental consent form. 

If a student originally selected to obtain parental consent via email but has since realized their parents no longer have an email account, the consent method can be changed to Scan & Attach.  The reverse is also true. 

College or High School Change Parent Consent Method

For a both the College and High School, the act of changing the parent consent method is as simple as finding the student and clicking on the appropriate link.

Click on the student section of the institution or High School interface. Find the student using any of the filtering options or search bar.

Once the desired student has been found, scroll over to the Steps column and locate the Parent/Guardian Approval or Consent Step. A link to "change" the parent consent email or method can be found directly under the Parent/Guardian Approval or Consent Step link. Simply click on the "change" link to access the methods of obtaining parental consent.

The parental consent method originally selected by the student will appear on the screen.  Simply click on the method of consent that the student now requires.  If changing consent method to "email" then a parent email address will also need to be entered.  Click on complete step.

A pop up screen will show up asking if you truly want to complete this step.  This is because the student is normally the user who provides this information.  The pop up is just the system alerts the user that they are completing a step that is normally completed by someone else.  Click okay to proceed. 

 Click on the students tab to return to your list of students.

Student Change Parent Consent Method

The student can also change the parent consent method through their account.

Once the student logs in to, they should be automatically brought to their status screen. If not, they can access this screen by clicking on the status link.

The student status screen will show all the courses the student has registered for as well as those statuses. To change the parent consent method, the student only has to find the specific course the consent is still needed for, scroll over to the Next Steps column and click on the "change" link.

This will take them to a screen that allows them to modify their original selection for obtaining parent consent.  They simply need to select the parental consent method they wish to use and click on Complete Step.  If they select email consent, they will need to enter their parent's email address.


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