Re-sending Parent Consent Email

Re-sending a Parent Consent Email can be completed by either the College user, High School user, or Student user. This feature is especially useful should the parent have accidentally deleted the original consent email or expresses that an email was never received.

Note: It’s always a good idea to have parents check their SPAM folders as generated emails (including those from can get caught there.


College or High School Resend the Parent Consent Email

For a both the College and High School, the act of re-sending the parent consent email is as simple as finding the student and clicking on the appropriate link. Click on the student section of the institution or High School interface. Find the student using any of the filtering options or search bar. Once the desired student has been found, scroll over to the column titled "steps" and locate the Parent/Guardian Approval or Consent Step. A link to resend the parent consent email can be found directly under the Parent/Guardian Approval or Consent Step link. Simply click on that resend link to have the system resend the original consent email.



Student Resend the Parent Consent Email

The student can also resend the parent consent email through their account. Once the student logs in to, they should be automatically brought to their status screen. The student status screen will show all the courses the student has registered for as well as those statuses. To resent the parent consent email, the student only has to find the specific course the consent is still needed for, scroll over to the next steps column and click on the resend link.

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