Creating and Managing Course Sections

Course Sections are used in the course finder to differentiate between the various options for a certain course. Course sections are specific by meeting day/time, instructor, location, delivery format, etc. Students may filter courses based on any one of these criteria.

Course Section Listing

The course section listing contains all the course sections for the institution. Course sections can be added, modified, and deleted from the listing page.


Accessing Course Sections

Click on the course number associated with the desired course to access the course details page. Then click on the course sections link under the course option menu located in the upper right section of the course details page.




Creating a New Section

Creating a new section is easy within the system. To create a new course section, click on the Add button near the top of course section listing screen.

  1. Add the Section Number
  1. Add the Instructor –can be left blank if instructor is not yet known. If the instructor is known but not listed, refer to the Adding and Managing Instructors article.
  1. Identify the Instructor Type (College Faculty or High School Faculty)
  1. Identify the Delivery Format (Face to Face, Blended/Hybrid, or Fully Online)
  1. Identify the Location (College Campus, High School, or Online)
  1. Identify the Term the section will be active in. If the desired term is not listed, refer to the Managing Academic Terms article
  1. Check the Allow Registration box—checking this box will allow students to register for this course section. If the box is NOT checked, students will be able to see the course section but they will not be able to register for it.
  1. Identify the Campus—if the location identified was College Campus, select the specific campus for this course section
  1. Add the Building (optional)
  1. Add the Room (optional)
  1. Identify the Meeting Days by checking the appropriate boxes (optional)
  1. Add the Start Time (optional)
  1. Add the End Time (optional)
  1. Add the Student Capacity (optional)
  1. Check the Check Capacity Box (optional)—checking this box will allow the system to close the section after the indicated student capacity has been reached.
  1. Identify the Allowed High Schools by checking the appropriate boxes. Any High School that is checked will allow students from that high school to have access to this section.

Any information provided on this screen will be displayed to the appropriate students on as part of the course section information.


Deleting a Section

Deleting a section is as easy as clicking a button.

On the course section page for a specific course, identify the section that you wish to delete and click the delete button aligned with that specific section.



Modifying a Section

Modifying course section details for a specific course section can be quickly accomplished through the system.

On the course section screen for a specific course, click on the course section number associated with the specific section you’d like to modify. Alter the section details as desired and click update.





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