Creating and Managing Campuses


Campuses are used in the course finder to identify locations where college courses can be caught.  Students may filter courses based on the availability of courses offered at a particular college campus.

Campus Listing

The campus listing page contains all of the campuses for the institution.  Campuses can be added, modified and deleted from the listing page.

Creating a New Campus

Creating a new campus is easy within the system, to create a new campus location:

  • Add the Campus Name
  • Add the Street Address 1
  • Add the Street Address 2 if applicable
  • Add the City
  • Select the proper State from the dropdown
  • Add the 5-digit Zip Code
  • Add the Phone Number
  • Add the Campus URL
  • Add the associated High School

Deleting a Campus

  • Hover over the Campus in the Campus listing page
  • Click Delete
  • Confirm the deletion


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