Why does my registration say 'Registration Abandoned'?

I have a registration in the system that I thought was completed. When I log into the application now, I see that it says 'Registration Abandoned.' I didn't abandon it - how did this happen?

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    Janet Van Pelt

    There are two reasons a registration could be marked as abandoned. Those two reasons are:

    • All registrations which have not yet been completed after the end of a registration period will automatically be marked as abandoned.
    • High school staff can request that a registration be abandoned if a student indicates that they no longer wish to enroll in that class.

    So, if your registration is marked as abandoned, either it wasn't completed before the end of the registration period and thus was abandoned, or someone asked on your behalf that the registration be abandoned.

    Checking with high school staff can be a useful thing if you believe that your registration was terminated in error. If you received an email or text message indicating that your registration was successfully completed, but now find it abandoned, please let DualEnroll know.

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