I never received my confirmation email

I created a User Account, provided my email address, and when i clicked 'Register' I know that I should have received an email that let me confirm my account. I never received that email. What do I do now?

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    Janet Van Pelt

    Generally, emails from go out very quickly. However, delays are possible, so wait a few minutes and see if the email comes. If it has been a few minutes and you still haven't received your confirmation email, the next thing to do is to check your spam folder. If the confirmation email was accidentally flagged as spam by your email carrier (Gmail often does this) then you can retrieve the email from the Spam folder and complete it.

    If emails from have been caught in your Spam folder, you may want to set the domain as a safe sender. Check with your email provider on how to do this.

    If the confirmation email never came and wasn't redirected into your Spam folder, please let know and we will investigate.

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